Physical Education Department


The physical education (PE) program at CKM strives to develop each student’s potential in physical growth, neuromuscular development, emotional control, and social awareness. PE provides opportunities for students to acquire skills and develop interests in a wide variety of recreational activities. Students are given a sense of achievement and enjoyment through participation. Each student becomes a more highly skilled, physically fit, and well-rounded person.

PE Classes

CKM Freshman students participate in general PE classes which provide a sampling of activities throughout a year.

Activities offered include:

  • Freshman P.E.-Course 1
  • Recreation team sports-Course 2
  • Dance
  • Athletic P.E.
  • Strength Development –Weight Training
  • Basketball
  • Yoga
  • Elective classes

After their freshmen year, students may continue in general PE or select a PE elective from one of the following activities:

  •  Dance
  • Life guarding
  • Net sports (tennis/badminton)
  • Strength development
  • Step aerobics
  • Team sports
  • Yoga

PE School Policies


All students are expected to dress for Physical Education class in apparel approved by the Physical Education Department.

Approved apparel consists of:

  • A solid white or grey, cotton t-shirt; and
  • Solid color athletic shorts (preferably “cardinal” red); or
  • Tennis/athletic shoes secured by laces or Velcro; and
  • Athletic socks
  • Leggings are allowed with shorts on top only.
  • Prohibited articles include:
  • Boxers-style shorts and pajamas
  • Slip-on shoes, Boots, slippers, or flip flops
  • Professional and college team apparel

During inclement weather, students may wear white or grey cotton sweat pant/shirts.

Student may also obtain CKM P.E. apparel available for $20 through the Controller’s office/Physical Education Department.


Students will provide their own locks.  We recommend a quality combination lock.  You may purchase a Master Locks for $6 from the controller’s office.

Do not use lockers to store books or personal items; lockers are only for gym clothes. 

The locker room is not a safe place for valuables, despite all security measures.

Make-up P.E.

Students wishing to make-up “excused” absences may do so with make-up P.E.  Students must check with their individual teacher to determine what is available for make-up PE.

Written Tests

Students wishing to make-up “excused” absences may do so with make-up P.E.  Students must check with their individual teacher to determine what is available for make-up PE.


Students will received an “O” for Outstanding, “S” for Satisfactory, “N” for Needs Improvement, “U” for Unsatisfactory based on the following criteria:

  • Sportsmanship
  • Respect for classmates and teachers
  • Attendance
  • Tardiness


  • A student’s grade may be lowered for non-suits/non-participation
  • Students with excessive non-suits may be referred to the discipline office.
  • Students in uniform (cheerleaders, ROTC, athletes, clubs, etc.) also must be dressed for PE or will be marked down as a non-suit.

Health Excuse

  • Students may be excused from Physical Education participation with a written excuse from a parent or guardian for up to 3 days. 
  • Written excuses must be presented to the teacher at roll call with physical modifications.
  • Students who are to be excused for more than 3 consecutive days need a written medical excuse from a physician with physical modifications.

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