Enrollment Information

Enrollment Information

In the fall of eighth grade, students begin the process of identifying which high school to attend. Some may attend their neighborhood high school; others apply to many of the district’s small high schools or specialized programs which accept students on a space available basis or through a competitive application process.

Students attending their neighborhood high school are automatically enrolled based on their address; they are registered in the spring.

Students applying to specialty programs are enrolled upon acceptance but must register according to instructions in their acceptance letters.

Parents are encouraged to learn about the wide variety of high school choices available throughout the district. Important enrollment information is available from the Sacramento City Unified School District (SCUSD).

Students living within the CKM attendance area

For middle school students living within the district defined boundaries for CKM, school counselors will visit the district’s middle schools to enroll eighth grade students for their freshmen year.

Non-freshmen students may be enrolled at CKM’s main office on campus. Parents are strongly encouraged to enroll their students as soon as possible once they locate within the school’s attendance area.

Students living outside the CKM attendance area

For students living outside CKM’s attendance area and SCUSD defined boundaries, the school accepts students on a space available basis through either an intra-district or inter-district permit. Call SCUSD’s Enrollment Office at (916) 643-2400 for assistance.

Returning students

The enrollment process pertains to prospective students (freshmen or other new students). Once a student has been enrolled at CKM, only students on inter- or intra-district permits may be required to repeat the process for subsequent academic school years.

Applying for a High School Specialty Program
SCUSD Open Enrollment

Applying for a High School Specialty Program

Open Enrollment Season for High School Specialty Programs is upon us! Open Enrollment for Specialty Programs opens November 1st, and closes on November 30th. Open Enrollment is housed centrally by the SCUSD Enrollment Center. Open Enrollment is required for both students who reside within our school neighborhood boundaries, and those who reside outside our neighborhood boundaries, but still live within SCUSD boundaries. CKM has FIVE High School Specialty Programs for SCUSD students to consider:

  1. Air Force Junior ROTC (AFJROTC), Coordinator, Ed-Fedor@scusd.edu
  2. Criminal Justice Academy (CJA), Coordinator, Chris Taylor, CTaylor@scusd.edu
  3. Humanities and International Studies Program (HISP), Coordinator, Ellen Wong, Ellen-Wong@scusd.edu
  4. Law and Public Policy Academy (LPPA), Coordinator, Chris Voisin, Chris-Voisin@scusd.edu
  5. Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA), Coordinator, Mollie Morrison, Mollie-Morrison@scusd.edu

Families interested in Open Enrollment for any of these programs should carefully read the SCUSD Specialty Program Open Enrollment website, and submit an application through their portal: https://www.scusd.edu/high-school-specialty-program-application

SCUSD allows families to select a first and second choice Specialty Program on the application. Students who meet program entrance requirements are awarded seats via a lottery system. Students who win a lottery seat in their first choice program, will be offered a seat in that program. Students who win a seat in their second choice program (if a second choice is indicated), will be offered a seat in that program. Letters will be mailed to families who have won seats, then families need to claim the seat offered by following the directions on the letter, and enrolling at the school/program.

Regarding Dual Enrollment:

Specialty Programs seats are filled with students who submit applications to SCUSD during the Specialty Program application window, November 1st - November 30th. Applicants must also meet specific requirements delineated by each program. The district holds a lottery for available seats if there are more applicants than seats.

After Specialty Program seats have been filled through SCUSD’s lottery process with qualified applicants and all waitlist students have been admitted, seats may be available for those interested in dual enrollment to more than one academy. For example, if seats remain in VAPA, students in another Specialty Program may inquire with the CKM VAPA department.

Please reach out to program coordinators or Principal, Andrea Egan, Andrea-Egan@scusd.edu, with any questions about the Specialty Program process!