Library & Media Center

Library & Media Center


Staffed by Librarian, Lynnette Scott, the CKM library is a bustling center of activity on campus. While offering traditional services, the library also functions as the school’s media center. The library provides students with an impressive collection of literature, nonfiction work, and reference materials. In addition, to written material, the library features a large number of computer terminals where students can conduct academic research and document preparation for classes. 

Signing in

Students are asked to sign-in when using the library. By signing in, students agree to follow library rules and procedures. Sign-in information is also used to provide statistics on library use by CKM students.

Sacramento Public Library

For students needing additional resources beyond those at CKM, the Sacramento Public Library provides access to a number of online databases and periodicals. Students will need a public library card and a self-generated PIN in order to use the Sacramento Public Library’s online resources. Students may contact the library by telephone at 916-264-2855 or by e-mail at

Writing assistance

The following resources provide writing assistance to students:

Expectations for student behavior

When using the library, students must keep in mind the following expectations for their behavior. Failure to follow the rules may result in library privileges being temporarily suspended.

  • When using the library during class time, students must present their passes or ROP cards to the librarian as they enter the library.
  • Food, gum, and drinks (including water) are to be left outside the library.
  • A quiet respectful voice is to be used in the library at all times.
  • Borrowed books are returned to the bin under the counter.
  • Books viewed in the library are put in the re-shelving cart near the counter. The library assistant will re-shelve the books.
  • Furniture, if moved, must be returned to its original position.

Checking out books

  • Students may check out four books for three weeks each.
  • Books may be renewed as long as there is “no hold” on them.
  • Only two books may be checked out on the same topic.
  • Reference books (marked “R” or “Ref”) are available for in-library use only.
  • Students who have lost a book or have an overdue book may not check out another book until the lost or overdue book issue has been resolved.

Computer use

Students using the library’s computers must:

  • Sign their names on the sheet mounted on the clipboard at the main counter.
  • Use computers for academic research and document preparation only.
  • Save documents to the H drive or e-mail information home.
  • Not alter screens or programs in any manner.
  • Follow the SCUSD Internet Use Guide posted on yellow signs on the wall near the computers.

Printing and copying services

Students may also use the library’s printing and copying services for a fee of $.05 per page for printing; $.10 per page for copying.