Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA)


CKM has an active PTSA to support programs, projects, and activities that benefit students and staff school-wide. CKM’s PTSA maintains an active affiliation with the California State PTA which entitles our organization to specific benefits such as low-cost insurance. Bylaws provide CKM’s PTSA with a governance structure and guidelines for operation.

The PTSA meets most months during the school year. All parents, students, teachers, administrators, and school staff have an open invitation to attend meetings. Occasionally, guest speakers such as community representatives, local business owners, and SCUSD board members attend meetings to present information or provide updates throughout the year.

Becoming a member

We need you! Parents, students, teachers, administrators, and school staff are encouraged to become members.

The PTSA runs a membership campaign where CKM families, staff, teachers, and students join to support school-wide projects and programs. Memberships and donations are accepted year-round.

The PTSA Membership and Contribution form (Formulario de membresía y contribución de PTSA) can be downloaded and submitted during orientation or PTSA meetings, hand-delivered to the PTSA mailbox in the Main Office, or mailed to CKM PTSA, 3066 Freeport Boulevard, Sacramento, CA 95818. Checks should be written payable to “CKM PTSA”.

Alternatively, you can join the CKM PTSA online.

Student members are eligible for PTA scholarships. Cost of membership is $10.75 per member for the entire school year.

Join the PTSA and get PTA Member Perks.

PTSA Programs

The PTSA provides funding and recruits volunteers for several programs, projects, and activities that support the CKM school community. Some examples include:

  • Staff appreciation luncheons to recognize CKM teachers and staff members for their hard work.
  • Need-based student scholarships for senior Grad Night.
  • Development and maintenance of the CKM website.
  • Testing incentives for students.
  • Support of the library and literacy; research tools.
  • Mini-grants (Apply for a CKM Mini-Grant)

If you are interested in volunteering or would like additional information, please email!

Budget and fundraising

PTSA has a modest annual budget of approximately $5,000. Funds primarily come from membership dues and donations. Parents may also support the PTSA through the Raley’s Quality of Life and the eScrip programs.