College & Career Center

College and Career Center


CKM’s College/Career Center, centrally located in Room 30, offers various resources and workshops to help all students explore college and career opportunities.

Access is offered to a comprehensive library of catalogs and materials, scholarship and financial aid information, computer software programs on college and career options, assistance with resume/cover letter writing, and self-assessment tests that help CKM students determine their skills and interests.

The College/Career Center also coordinates the extensive schedule of visits made by college admissions officers, publishes frequent scholarship notices each fall through winter, and handles issuance of work permits, part-time job placements, and military information.

The College/Career Center is open Monday - Friday 8:00am-11:30am, and 12:30pm – 4:00pm.

Students should sign up for college visits in the College and Career Center. All college visits are held in the College and Career Center.  

Contact the College and Career Center

Monica Martinez
College/Career Technician

College Visits


Each year, CKM students may opt to attend informal presentations by a wide range of colleges and universities. These presentations are typically scheduled during lunch or during 5th and 6th period when the majority of seniors are free.

College & Career Resources


CKM’s College and Career Center compiles and makes available a number of online resources to help students explore their future beyond high school.