Athletic Participation Information and Requirements

CK McClatchy Return to Athletics Information


SCUSD’s Press Release, 11/20/20

Return Together Update: Sac City Unified to Begin Athletic Conditioning-Full Return to Play Plan Coming Soon.

Athletics are important to the physical, mental, and social well-being of our students. We are excited to announce that beginning on December 1, 2020, the district will begin to welcome back high school student athletes to participate in conditioning that is consistent with state and county health requirements. The district will begin athletic conditioning as part of Phase One of the California Interscholastic Federation guidelines. In Phase One, only outdoor physical conditioning and practice activities will be permitted.

To protect the health and safety of students and staff, participants must adhere to the Return to Health requirements, which include:

  • Athletes must wear face coverings consistent with state and local guidelines
  • Physical distancing must be practiced
  • Observing hand hygiene, including washing and sanitizing
  • Screening for symptoms, both at home and upon arrival to conditioning practice

Additionally, the following additional requirements will be observed:

  • Athletes and coaches will participate in cohorts, or groups of no more than 27 (consistent with state and county guidance)
  • Equipment will be designated and used within each cohort
  • All equipment will be disinfected after use by each cohort
  • There should be no shared athletic supplies, such as towels, clothing, shoes, or water bottles, between students
  • Spectators will not be permitted
  • Come dressed for practice, as locker rooms will not be used

As public health conditions may change, our district may be required to cease conditioning activities. Families should be prepared for these possible changes.

As required as part of the Return to Health Plan, the district will provide participants with PPE supplies, such as touchless thermometers, face coverings, gloves, sanitizer, and disinfectants. The facilities will be properly disinfected on a daily basis, and areas marked with signage and other guides to help participants adhere to health and safety protocols.

Over the next few days, look for a full Return to Play Plan which outlines comprehensive requirements for players and coaches participating in athletic conditioning. Also look out for additional information from coaches and principals at your school sites.

At this time, each Sac City Unified comprehensive high school will begin a phased-in approach to bringing athletes back to athletic conditioning. Participants should contact their athletic director or site administrator for information regarding specific sport return dates

Sac City Unified is committed to protecting the health and safety of students and staff who choose to participate in athletic activities.

For information on our Return Together plans, visit

CKM’s Site Level Protocols

All district protocols will be followed, these are more site specific.

All athletes need to enter McClatchy through the student parking lot (south entrance) and after conditioning, exit through the staff parking lot (north entrance).  All the gates leading to Cal MS and 17th street will remain closed and locked during these conditioning sessions.  

There will be no spectators allowed during these outside conditioning sessions.  After each conditioning session athletes should be picked up at the front of the school, unless driving themselves.  

All athletes will have their temperature taken upon arrival.

All athletes need to wear a mask and social distance when on campus.  

All athletes will be placed into cohorts of no more than 25 athletes and 2 coaches. Cohorts will remain the same for the duration of the conditioning sessions.

Athletes are asked to bring their own full water bottle as water fountains will not be available.

Athletes will remain outdoors for all activities during conditioning until the county and district determine it is safe for indoor activities. There will be a restroom for student use, but we recommend students use the restroom at home before arrival.

Freshman who are interested in participating in sports conditioning are encouraged to join. No tryouts will be held to establish official teams until it is determined we can run normal sports seasons. Freshman do however, need to complete the Athletic Clearance process outlined below to participate.

Please read further information on Introducing Sac City Unified’s Return to Play Plan.

Return to Athletic Conditioning is completely VOLUNTARY for student athletes. Student athletes are invited to return for conditioning on the following dates:

Athletic Conditioning Start Times
(Updated Febuary 1, 2021)


Sport Start Date Report time
Cross Country Monday, 2/1 2:45pm
Mane Event Dancers Monday, 2/1 2:45pm
Girls tennis Monday, 2/1 3:00pm
Cheer Tuesday, 2/2 2:45pm
Football Tuesday, 2/2 3:15pm
Girls golf Tuesday, 2/2 3:30pm
Boys M/W, Girls T/Th
Monday, 2/22 2:45pm (then staggered)
Wrestling Tuesday, 2/23 2:45pm
Girls Volleyball Monday, 3/8 3:30pm
Boys volleyball Tuesday, 3/9 3:30pm
Softball Tuesday, 3/16 3:30pm
Boys tennis Tuesday, 3/16 3:45pm
Baseball Wednesday, 3/17 3:30pm
Boys golf Monday, 3/22 3:30pm
Boys basketball Monday, 3/22 3:00pm
Girls soccer Monday, 3/22 5:00pm
Girls basketball Tuesday, 3/23 3:00pm
Boys soccer Monday, 4/5 5:00pm
Track Monday, 4/5 3:30pm
Girls water polo Monday, 4/26 3:00pm
Boys water polo Tuesday, 4/27 3:00pm

All schedules subject to change/cancellation with changing health guidelines.

The use of temporary lighting was approved by the SCUSD School Board on Thursday, February 18th for CKM, Hiram Johnson and West Campus. The temporary lighting is being utilized to support a condensed athletics season with all sports now sharing the spring months, having been on hold all fall and winter due to COVID. Beginning in mid-March, temporary lighting will be used on the CKM football field from dusk until 9:00 pm on some weeknights. We will cease using the lights as the time changes and the field is safely illuminated by daylight.

In order for an athlete to participate in outside conditioning they must be cleared by our Athletic Director, Mr. Feickert. Refer to the Athletic Clearance Directions page.

Athletic Clearance – Complete Online


Online Instructions

  1. Go to the Athletic Clearance website
  2. Click CA and then Register (For help watch YouTube video on website)
  3. Login to the site
  4. Select “Start Clearance Here!”
  5. Choose the school year in which the student plans to participate. This is the 2020-2021 school year.
  6. For “school,” select “McClatchy (CIF-SJS)
  7. Select the sport.
  8. Complete all required fields for Student Information, Education History, Medical History and Signature Forms.

Medical Clearance – Sports Physical Form RSK-F100C

  1. This is the only form not filled out online. Download and Print the SCUSD Medical Clearance/Sports Physical Form RSK-F100C from the the SCUSD website. Copies of this form are also available in the front office.
  2. Take the form to the physical appointment and have it filled out, stamped and signed by the licensed physician.
  3. Scan or take a photo of the completed physical form and upload to your athletic clearance account. (If you are unable to upload, please submit to the front office).

Final Clearance

  1. The athletic clearance website will indicate if you are ‘cleared’ (status will change to ‘cleared’).
  2. You will receive an email indicating the status of your clearance.

Questions: Please contact CKM Athletic Director Rob Feickert at

Student Transportation

Travel by bus

  • Athletes are allowed to be signed out only by their parent/guardian. Otherwise, they must board the bus provided by the school.

Travel by car

  • An athlete can be transported by his/her parent or guardian at any time.
  • Athletes can drive themselves, but may not transport other athletes at any time (unless legal siblings).
  • If an athlete is being transported by other parents, The parent/guardian must turn in the following documents to the CKM Office Manager for processing. (Refer to the SCUSD Volunteer Packet)
    • Registration Form,
    • Volunteer Interest Form,
    • copy of a recent TB Test indicating a negative result,
    • completed and cleared Volunteer Background Check Authorization form (BC-1), and
    • Verification of Insurance Personal Auto Form (RSK-F106E)
    • The parent must be cleared by the District as a volunteer to be able to drive other student athletes. For forms and more information on volunteering at CKM, refer to the SCUSD Volunteer Packet.

Athletic Emergency Card

See Athletic Director or coach for a copy of the emergency card.

Eligibility of an Athlete


The eligibility of an athlete will take place every quarter of the school year. An athlete is eligible if they maintain a 2.0 GPA, pass 20 semester credits, and are on track to graduate.

  • Fall: 4th quarter of previous year (except incoming freshmen) and possibility of 1st quarter depending on when season ends.
  • Winter: 1st quarter and 2nd quarter.
  • Spring:  2nd quarter and 3rd quarter

Transfer Students

CIF Sac-Joaquin Section requires all student-athletes who have transferred to CKM to submit paperwork. If your child transfers to CKM from another school (in or out of state), please have your child contact the Athletic Director for the paperwork. Processing the paperwork for CIF could take up to two or three weeks, so please plan accordingly. Your child will not be able to participate in a game until he/she has been cleared by CIF Sac-Joaquin Section.

Dismissal for an athletic event


Please be reminded that the athletes are students, and they are to stay in class at school as long as possible to maintain their current eligibility. Athletes do not have permission to leave campus to get food while on an early dismissal.

The Athletic Director will use the athletic roster to email CKM staff for dismissal. The athlete will remind their teacher at the start of the class period of the time of early dismissal, and will be released only at the designated time. Athletes may not leave their class earlier.

Parents: if your child is marked absent and they were involved in an athletic-related dismissal, please call the CKM Attendance Office at 916-395-5050 x503031.

Athletic Trainer for CKM Athletes


CKM is extremely fortunate to have Athletic Trainer, Rohit Sharma (Class of 2000), serving as a member of our Athletic Department. His office is located in the Main Gym next to the Athletic Director’s Office. He is available every day from 3:10 until approximately 7:00pm to help diagnose and rehab injured CKM athletes.

If the injury is serious, he will recommend the athlete see his/her family doctor. In addition, Rohit travels with the football and track teams to games. Not only is he the trainer, but he volunteers his time as a coach as well! Parents should encourage their student athlete to take advantage of his services.