Athletic Clearance – Complete Online!

McClatchy Athletics uses an online system for athletic clearance forms. Please follow the steps below:

1. Online Instructions

  1. Go to athletic clearance website:
  2. Click CA and then Register(For help watch YouTube video on website)
  3. Login to the site
  4. Select “Start Clearance Here!”
  5. Choose the school year in which the student plans to participate. This is the 2020-2021 school year.
  6. For “school,” select “McClatchy(CIF-SJS)
  7. Select the sport.
  8. Complete all required fields for Student Information, Education History, Medical History and Signature Forms.

Download step by step instructions HERE.

2. 2020-2021 Medical Clearance – Sports Physical Form RSK-F100C

  1. Print the SCUSD Medical Clearance/Sports Physical Form RSK-F100C HERE or from the athletic clearance website.
  2. Take the form to the physical appointment and have it filled out, stamped and signed by the licensed physician.
  3. Scan or take a photo of the completed physical form and upload to your athletic clearance account. (If you are unable to upload, please submit to the front office).

Final Clearance

  1. The athletic clearance website will indicate if you are ‘cleared’ (‘status’ will change to ‘cleared’).
  2. You will receive an email indicating the status of your clearance.

Download step by step instructions HERE.

Questions: Please contact CKM Athletic Director Rob Feickert at

3. Student Transportation

Travel by bus

  • Athletes are allowed to be signed out only by their parent/guardian. Otherwise, they must board the bus provided by the school.

Travel by car

  • An athlete can be transported by his/her parent or guardian at any time.
  • Athletes can drive themselves, but may not transport other athletes at any time (unless legal siblings).
  • If an athlete is being transported by other parents, the following rules apply:

The parent/guardian must turn in the following documents to the CKM Office Manager for processing (refer to the SCUSD Volunteer Packet):

  • Registration Form (page 3),
  • Volunteer Interest Form (page 7),
  • copy of a recent TB Test indicating a negative result,
  • completed and cleared Volunteer Background Check Authorization form (BC-1) (page 6), and
  • Verification of Insurance Personal Auto Form (RSK-F106E)
  • The parent must be cleared by the District as a volunteer to be able to drive other student athletes. For forms and more information on volunteering at CKM, see Volunteer requirements.

4. Athletic Emergency Card

See Athletic Director or coach for a copy of the emergency card.