Support Center

Student Support Center


Dedicated to academic success, the Student Support Center (SSC) located in Room 28A offers a wide range of social, emotional, and health resources to help students thrive.  The SSC’s provide a spectrum of integrated support that spans the areas of youth development, family services, academic enrichment, health and mental health.  Targeted primarily to low-achieving students, SSC services address critical student needs that pose barriers to learning. 

Services include:

Referrals to Student Support Center may be initiated by a student, parent/guardian, or any school staff member. 

Community partners allied with the Student Support Center at CKM include:

  • California State University, Sacramento
  • Catholic Health Care West
  • Parker Family Resource Center Homeless Services
  • City of Sacramento Parks and Recreation
  • Hmong Women Heritage Association
  • People Reaching Out
  • La Familia Counseling Center
  • Another Choice Another Chance
  • Mercy Housing CA
  • Bayside Midtown Church
  • Famous Pizza