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An Introduction to Our New Principal


Dear C.K. McClatchy Families,

What a pleasure it is to have joined your community! I’ve spent my last six years as the Principal at California Middle School, on just the other side of the fence from McClatchy, working in your neighborhood and learning about the unique needs of our students. I am beyond thrilled to be leading McClatchy through its next phase – my goal for our school is simple, to improve academic opportunities and experiences for students, and to transform the campus culture to be dramatically more inclusive. Now, more than ever, schools are faced with addressing racial disparities with intense urgency, and McClatchy is no exception. Understanding the social landscape at McClatchy will be central to my study of the school. Achieving a vision of improved academic opportunities and strengthened campus culture will take some time, and I am committed to hearing the voices of students, staff, and parents as I begin to formulate improvement plans to move toward this vision.