Senior Awards Ceremony 2022 FAQs

Senior awards ceremony 2022

The C.K. McClatchy Senior Awards Ceremony will be held in the main gym May 31st at 6pm.

How do I know if I am receiving an award/recognition at the Senior Awards Ceremony?
You will receive an invitation delivered to you in class and an electronic invitation via your school email.
How are award recipients selected?
In a variety of ways! Staff nominations, winning outside scholarships, or students can self-report if they’ve received an award. The deadline to self-report was May 11.
How many guests can I invite?
Do we have to wear masks?
Yes, you and your guests must wear a mask regardless of vaccination status.
Where can we sit?
Seating for award/recognition recipients will be on the east side of the Gym and seating for guests will be on the west side of the Gym.
Can you tell me what I won?
No, it’s a surprise. But you can refer to the Award Descriptions for more information.
Can my guests bring balloons?
No. Balloons, glitter, confetti, birdseed, and food are all prohibited. If guests show up with balloons, they will be asked to return them to their vehicle.
How should I dress?
Dressy casual.
Can I give a speech? Thank my fans?
Sorry, no.
Do I get a trophy?
It depends on the award. Recognitions will be accompanied by a trophy, plaque, medal with a lanyard or a certificate.
Is there a professional photographer?
Our Photography Teacher, Ms. Thibedeau, will be photographing the event. Parents are also welcome to take their own photos.
Where can my family park?
Any of our three parking lots: Student parking lot, Visitor parking lot, or Staff parking lot.
I self-reported an award that I received but didn’t receive an invitation to the Senior Awards Ceremony.
Why wasn’t I invited? If the award sponsor is unable to attend the event, your name is included in the “Special Recognition” section in the Program where we have listed self-reported senior accomplishments.
What if I can’t make it to the Senior Awards Ceremony? What happens to my awards?
You can pick up your awards from the Career Center in Room 28 during the week following the Senior Awards Ceremony.
Are there any other instructions?
During the ceremony, when the students name is called, the student can remove their mask (if preferred), approach the award sponsor, accept the award, and return to their seat to put their mask on. Some students will stand at their seat and the award will be brought to them. Students are not permitted to sit with guests once they accept their awards.