Student Handbook

The CKM Student Handbook lists school rules, policies, and procedures that every student and parent need to know. The handbook is printed in the front part of every student’s school planner.

Listed below are excerpts from the handbook which answer some of the most frequently asked questions posed by students and parents.

School dress code

For specific guidelines on student dress at school, see “Dress Code” on page 8 of the student handbook, which specifically defines and addresses:

  • Revealing apparel
  • Length of pants, shorts, and skirts
  • Wearing pants, shorts, and skirts below the waistline
  • Hats and other head coverings
  • Clothing with objectionable phrases or pictures
  • Clothing that promotes substance abuse, gambling, and weapons
  • Gang- or fraternity-related apparel or paraphernalia
  • Memorial clothing
  • Inappropriate accessories
  • Sunglasses and hair accessories
  • Sleepwear

Clothing colors

CKM athletic team shirts, class shirts or any shirts or pants with the CKM logo are allowed any day of the week. Solid red clothing or clothing with red as the predominant color are not allowed. Every Friday is School Spirit Day. Freshmen may wear yellow, sophomores may wear green, juniors may wear blue and seniors may wear cardinal/burgundy as a way of showing CKM school pride.

Students who are inappropriately dressed will be (1) asked to change; (2) asked to call parents to bring appropriate clothing; or (3) placed in in-house suspension for the remainder of the day. Repeated violation of the dress code may result in additional disciplinary action.

Dance dress code and behavior

The school dress code is enforced at school dances. Students who violate the dress code may be prohibited from entering the dance venue. Freak dancing and other suggestive movements are strictly prohibited at dances. Students may be expelled from the dance if they engage in inappropriate dancing.


For information related to attendance, see “Attendance Policy” on page 8 of the Student Handbook.

For information on how to clear absences and avoid truancy notifications, please see the letter from the SCUSD Enrollment Center.

District policies

The Annual Parent and Student Rights Notification and Standards of Behavior lists the district’s rules, policies, programs, and procedures. The district follows uniform complaint procedures when addressing complaints.