Restore the Roar

In 2007, a group of CKM alumni formed an alumni booster group dedicated to the support of the athletic tradition at McClatchy. Their goal was to tap into the proud “Lion” tradition to engage alumni as supporters for all athletic programs at CKM.

Initially formed to support football, Restore the Roar has expanded its reach to provide resources to all sports. In the fall, founders honored fall athletes at the November “Bell Game” held at the CKM football field.

The group has also supported study halls and tutoring, pre-game meals, and transportation and is hoping to provide scholarships for student athletes as their financial base grows. Restore the Roar offers benefits to members as well, including complimentary admission to selected CKM sporting events.

One need not be an alumni to join Restore the Roar. Learn more by visiting the Restore the Roar website.

Park Terrace Swim and Tennis Club, 5500 Parkfield Ct, Sacramento, CA 95822