PE Grading, Make-ups and Excuse Policy


Daily participation is a major part of a student’s PE grade. All unverified absences, truancies, tardies, non-suits, and poor or non-participation days affect a student’s grade. Students also receive marks for citizenship based on sportsmanship, respect for others, attendance, and tardiness. A written test on activity rules, strategy, and terminology is also considered when grading a student.


Students may make up excused absences during Make-Up PE. A student should check with his or her PE teacher for Make-Up PE dates and times.

Health Excuse Policy

The following constitutes the policy for excusing a student from PE:

Students may be excused from PE participation with a written excuse from a parent or guardian for up to three days; the student must still dress in the CKM uniform.

Written excuses must be presented to the teacher at roll call; a note for a previous day’s non-suit will not be accepted.

Students who are to be excused for more than three consecutive days need a written medical excuse from a physician.