Senior Project

With few exceptions, every high school senior attending a Sacramento City Unified School District high school must complete a senior project during the second semester of twelfth grade in English class. The senior project is designed to provide a student with the opportunity to demonstrate all that s/he has learned in four years of school high school. The senior project is intended to challenge abilities, stretch limitations, and provide a sense of accomplishment.

About the senior project

The senior project consists of four major components: the project, the paper, the portfolio, and the presentation. See the Senior Project Handbook to learn more about the process, access necessary forms, and become familiar with the timeline for completion.

Preparation for the senior project begins the second week of school in early September; the process concludes in late April/early May with the presentation of the senior project before a panel of judges. For the student, completion of the senior project requires a significant investment of time, attention, and effort. Academy’s on campus may have distinct requirements that may vary from the general program. 

The project

The project is the core of the senior project experience. Selection of a project is at the discretion of each student. The project should lead the student to (1) explore a new interest or experience; or (2) build on an existing ability or skill that propels a student to a more challenging level.

The paper

After a student has decided upon a project, s/he—with teacher guidance—will select a controversial issue related to the chosen project. A student will write a research paper covering the controversial issue.

The portfolio

The portfolio stores all the documentation a student amasses in preparing the senior project. Much of the work is done outside of class; a student is required to keep accurate records of time devoted, money spent, locations visited, those interviewed, and information obtained. The portfolio is graded for completeness and attention to detail by a student’s English teacher and reviewed by a senior board of judges.

The presentation

Before graduating, a student will formally present his/her senior project before a panel of judges including parents, teachers, fellow students, and other community members. The student will share all the work related to the project and the paper, the process followed, information learned along the way, and personal growth experiences.