Counseling Office

CKM counselors provide services in educational counseling as well as personal/social counseling. The Counseling Office staff is comprised of six guidance counselors, one counseling technician, and a parent volunteer at the reception desk. Students are assigned a counselor based on the first letter of their last name, or if they are EL/bilingual student. Please call the front desk number below if you do not know your student’s assigned counselor.

The Counseling Office Front Desk is 916-395-5050 x50302. You will find a current list of counselors with contact information here.

Students are encouraged to visit the Counseling Office with concerns about school, grades, adding or dropping classes, credits for graduation, achievement tests, college plans, or personal problems. To see a counselor, a student must come to the Counseling Office and make an appointment. The Counseling Office staff will then give the student a pass to enable them to leave class to attend the appointment.