Prior to the start of every school year, CKM hosts a series of orientation sessions for new and returning students. Orientation typically occurs the last week of August and takes place over several days—with individual days devoted to specific grade levels. Parents are encouraged to join their students at orientation and attend a presentation by CKM administrators and staff about the school’s goals and objectives for the coming year.



Class Schedule Distribution

Students must turn in their completed emergency card at orientation in order to pick up their class schedule.  Students are encouraged to take a walking tour of the campus (see campus map) and familiarize themselves with the location of their classes and other school facilities.

The Making of a Class Schedule

Course selection at CKM is a carefully arranged series of steps progressing from February through August of each year which includes:

  1. One on one course selection with counselors and students based on transcript analysis
  2. Review of selections and recommendations by counselors and Assistant Principal
  3. Reassessment based on year-end grades and final course offerings
  4. Adjustments as needed to reflect any summer school courses
  5. Final programming by computer scheduling procedures

Course changes made after the school year begin to interfere with the educational progress of all students, staffing, and class loads. We are reluctant to upset schedules unless the reasoning is beyond our control (i.e. course leveling). We urge students to choose their courses wisely. Therefore, we must strictly adhere to the established class change policy for schedule changes in the Fall.

Class changes will only be made if:

  1. A student is currently registered for or has completed the scheduled course through summer school, etc. Documentation is required.
  2. A failing grade or No Credit was received the previous semester which was a prerequisite for the current course.

Emergency Card – Required 

Students MUST turn in their completed emergency card at orientation.  It is required in order to pick up their class schedule and be assigned a locker. 

Free and Reduced Lunch Form – Everyone Complete Online!

ALL students PLEASE submit your Free and Reduced Lunch Forms even if you do not qualify. CKM receives Title I funding that pays for programs, staff and interventions that support our entire student body. It’s so easy to complete online! Go here to complete online.

School and gym lockers

Students may select school lockers to use during the school year. Combination locks are provided by CKM. 

Gym lockers are assigned by physical education teachers the first week of school during a student’s P.E. period. For gym lockers, students may either supply their own quality combination lock or purchase one from the P.E. department.

Gym Clothes

All students are expected to dress for Physical Education (P.E.) class in apparel approved by the P.E. Department. Students may obtain an approved CKM P.E. uniform through the Controller’s Office. Students may also purchase their own gym clothes, as long as the clothing complies with CKM specifications (consult student’s P.E. teacher for more information).

Seniors – Parking Information

To obtain a parking space on campus, you MUST bring a current copy of the following on orientation day:

  1. Valid driver’s license
  2. Proof of insurance
  3. Car Registration

Please PRINT the above information on ONE sheet of paper, FRONT SIDE ONLY, 1″ MARGIN ON LEFT SIDE as this copy goes in a binder.

No copier is available on campus during orientation for making copies.

Should you lose or misplace your permit placard you must pay $10 to replace it.

All the above documentation must be current when you apply for a permit on orientation day or you may be turned away.  If you will not be here for orientation, you will have to purchase your parking during the first week of school.  If all parking spots are assigned during orientation, we can add your name to the waiting list during the first week of school in the Climate Office.

Thank You

Lauren Jordan

CKM Climate Office


PTSA Membership Drive

Representatives from CKM’s Parent Student Teacher Association are on campus during orientation; parents and students are encouraged to join the association at that time. Membership is $10.75 per member. Student members are eligible for PTSA scholarships in their senior year. Download the membership form here.


During orientation, students may pre-order yearbooks at a reduced price. Once the pre-order period is over (typically the first two weeks of school), the price of the yearbook increases.. Students may also place their yearbook orders online at Jostens Yearbooks.


Additional Back-to-School Information

  • Student photos are typically taken in September. Information regarding purchase of photos will be sent home with students in the first few weeks of school.
  • Student identification cards are issued on the same day photos are taken. Students may join the Associated Student Body ($15) and receive an ASB sticker for their ID cards entitling them to special discounts on purchases and event admission.
  • A bike cage is available on campus for students riding their bikes to school. The cage is locked during the school day to provide security.
  • Student parking is limited and available for a fee to seniors first and, if space is available, then to juniors.
  • Back-to-School Night occurs in September or early October.