2021 Summer Programming


Programs at C.K. McClatchy throughout the summer.

Credit Recovery

Students grades 9-12 who need to recover credits have been invited to take online credit recovery courses via an online platform. Students needing to recover credits this summer have been sent a message with the opportunity to RSVP for a seat.

Math Lab

June 28-July 16, 8:30-11:30. M-F – Open to students currently in Math 3+ and AP Calculus AB. Use this Sign-up form to sign up!

This summer, we are offering a summer bridge course intended for students currently enrolled in Math 3+, Pre-calculus, or AP Calculus AB. The purpose of this course is to prepare Math 3+ students for Pre-calculus, Pre-calculus for Calculus AB, and to prepare Calculus AB students for Calculus BC. Every year it is important for incoming and current Calculus students to review key concepts before taking an AP math course, but this year it will be especially important due to the time constraints imposed on us during distance learning. This course will teach Trigonometry concepts that are essential in both levels of Calculus. In addition, we will incorporate College Board approved calculators and technology in our instruction. Students will explore graphs of trigonometric functions in connection to the unit circle. They will understand radian measure and explain the connection between the unit circle and graphing trig functions on a coordinate plane. Students will use special triangles and the unit circle to determine trigonometric values of certain angles. They will prove trigonometric identities, addition and subtraction formulas for sine, cosine, and tangent, the half – angle and double – angle identities for sine and cosine. Students will solve trigonometric equations using identities, formulas, and various algebra techniques as well as equations that arise in modeling contexts. Students will learn to graph polar coordinates and curves. They will convert between polar and rectangular coordinate systems and understand and graph functions defined parametrically.

Math Summer Bridge

June 28-July 23, 8:30-11:30, Monday through Friday.

Designed for incoming and current Freshmen needing support to be ready for to retake Math 1, or be better prepared for Math 2. Students will be invited via email, or can request a seat by speaking to their counselor. Can be taken in conjunction with online credit recovery.

AP Readiness Camp

June 21-25, Monday through Friday, 8:30-10:30

Designed for students who are interested in or plan to take AP courses next year Use this Use this Sign-up form to sign up!

Monday (2 hours) – AP/College Board: What’s in it for me?
  1. Argument FOR national standardized exams – from the College/University perspective
  2. Yes the College Board is a regulated Natural Monopoly (Because it has to be!)
  3. Economic Analysis of passing an AP Exam – the best deal in town!
Tuesday (2 hours) – Structure and Scoring of an AP Exam (The Big Picture)
  1. Multiple Choice Section
  2. Free Response Section (FRQ)
  3. Scoring Methodology
Wednesday (2 hours) – Multiple Choice Test Taking Strategy (The Theory)
  1. Basic Multiple Choice Strategies
  2. Advanced Multiple Choice Strategies
    • The 3 Pass Method
    • Backwards Answering
Thursday (2 hours) – Multiple Choice Test Taking Strategy (Application)
Cross-Curricular Practice Multiple Choice Questions (Examples from every class we offer included)
Friday (2 hours) – Let’s Get Started
  1. Introduction to College Board Website
  2. Create College Board Accounts
  3. Sign up for AP Classrooms

Ethnic Studies Credit Recovery

June 21-July 22, 8:30 am-11:30 am. Monday through Thursday

Invitations to be sent via email to students needing this course. Ethnic Studies in not available to be recovered through our online credit recovery platform, and must be taken with a live instructor, in person or hybrid.