PE Uniforms and Lockers


The CKM PE uniform consists of a white T-shirt and cardinal shorts with the CKM logo. During inclement weather, students may wear white or gray cotton sweatpants and/or sweatshirts (these must not have zippers, pockets, writing, and/or advertisements other than the CKM logo). Students must wear tennis shoes and white sweat socks.

The cost of the CKM T-shirts and shorts is $10 for each piece (or $20 total). Students may also purchase sweatpants and sweatshirts with the CKM logo from the PE department staff. A student unable to secure proper clothing should consult his or her PE teacher. At the beginning of the year, the PE teacher marks each student’s clothing pieces with the student’s name in permanent ink (including sweatpants and sweatshirts).

All students must wear the CKM physical education uniform during PE. Students who wear uniforms for other activities—cheerleading, ROTC, school athletic teams, clubs—must dress in the CKM PE uniform during physical education class. Students who wear clothing belonging to others receive a “non-suit” mark for the period. A student’s grade may be lowered due to “non-suits” and those with excessive numbers of non-suits will be referred to the vice principal.


Students must provide their own locks for their gym locker. The PE department recommends a quality combination lock; the department sells Master Locks for $5 if students prefer to purchase them directly from the school. Lockers are not to be used to store books or personal items—only gym clothes.